The Emergency Dentist Saves The Day!

Friday evenings are usually the busiest day in my restaurant. I look forward to it because it puts my staff under pressure to perform exceptionally. As a man that has been in business for years, it helps me note the star performers and adequately reward them. However, last Friday threw a curve that I did not anticipate. Everyone in the restaurant had made their orders and all was going well. I had gone to the kitchen to check on the chef when I heard a loud noise in the restaurant. I ran out to see what happened when I noticed a young man was writhing in pain.

A picture of a lady with a tootache with the words dental emergency surrounding itHe had broken his tooth while eating but the pain came from the fragments that lodged in his throat. I had seen a few incidents in many years of running my business but this was out of my wildest imagination. Thankfully, a man from Portland, who is the owner of an emergency dental office named Emergency Dental Pros was in the restaurant at the time. He quickly rushed to the man who broke his tooth and applied first aid treatment. The Emergency Dental Portland professional picked his phone and called an ambulance.

I was a bit ashamed that I did not think of calling the ambulance. The shock of what happened made me unable to think on my feet. Looking back at that incident, I am glad an emergency dentist was in the house. He told the man to calm down and try to regulate his breathing. He used some cushion to prop his back so that the blood flow would reduce. I watched each step with full attention because I had not seen such emergency dental response carried out in such a professional manner in a while. It was not long before the ambulance showed up.

I did not want to let this moment slip because it became obvious that I need to have a partnership with an organization that runs 24 hour dental care. It was not ideal to let things run by chance so I collected the dentists phone number. A few days after the incident at my restaurant, I was in his office to discuss on how we can work together. The terms were good and I would be rolling out the details to my staff in a few days. Everything began to fall into place after this scary incident.

The man who had the broken tooth has been responding to treatment. Interestingly, he did not have insurance to cover the cost but this professional dentist wrote off the bill. He said that it was his way of showing solidarity with my business. I did not know how to fully thank him for this kind gesture. I just told him that I would never forget this act for as long as I live. The people who understand their field and are passionate about it would rule the world. In my estimation, this dentist has made an impact that would be part of his success stories in the near future.…


Lessons from My Brother: The Dumpster Rental Guy

My oldest brother runs a dumpster rental company in Long Island and he serves as my mentor in business. I remember the early days when I was about to start my own business; he shared some vital lessons that have stuck with me over the years. He showed me how it is important to build an agreement that would be fair to the customer. His business grew and blossomed because of the priority he gave to surpass his customer’s expectations. I remember one of the seasons when one of his clients was doing a major renovation. My brother was called to handle the debris from the job but he knew that the site owner was running short of time.

A picture of a mentor lifting people upDespite my brother’s very tight schedule, he was able to get to the site and dispose the debris. This brought no small joy to the heart of the man that ran the project. This single act won my brother so many referrals that have run for many years. This is why I have become interested in giving service that has a human face to my clients. I have discovered that service comes first and other things follow. Also, the place of running a business at an affordable rate is not lost on me. It is at the heart of everything I do since I began my business. I cannot envision where I would have been without the lessons I learned from my brother.

The issue of advising clients on the right size of roll off container to use is key. I discovered that most individuals look at costs but do not really consider what is ideal for them. My brother showed lots of empathy. I was aware of the various concessions he made in the area of pricing in order to give the clients what was ideal for their projects. One of the things I discovered was the need to keep a right balance when dealing with personal or commercial needs. The core aspect of our business is to give everyone a soft landing that brings mutual benefits to every party.

In view of the longstanding relationship I had with my brother, owner and founder of the Dumpster Rental Guys Inc, he showed me how to retain customers for life. I think this is the biggest lesson I learned in my many years of working with him. I discovered that it does not cost so much to get great clients if we keep to the basics. This has made me become more focused on ensuring I create the right vibes among my clients. Most of my business is based on word of mouth and I have done other forms of advertising too in the course of reaching new markets. It has been a very interesting experience that has resulted in great results in many ways.

Generally, I believe that the business of renting dumpsters is not an all-comers affair. Everyone who wants to thrive must learn the ropes like I did when I worked with my brother, even though I’m in an altogether unrelated field. The lessons have helped to give me a sure footing and I am glad for the investments he made in my life. I would forever remain grateful to him.



My Story: The Restaurant Business

HeroesWhen I look back at the last 7 years of my life, I have many reasons to be grateful. I started out running my Heroes Restaurant not with loads of information. My first approach was to make it a seasonal business. The curves and the experiences were quite Herculean but I kept overcoming them one at a time. The lessons were rich and the time was very essential in helping me become what I am today. I would share some basic things that are tied to this foundation which can help anyone to launch a thriving business. The facts that are listed may not cover every detail, but it is a good place to start.

I had a plan to run my business for 5 years on a seasonal level. This allowed me to learn the ropes and raise the Capital that was essential to take my business to the next level. The press for time was another factor that contributed to my decision. I knew that I could not give it all it takes when I was starting out. It was more of an experiment which I believe has paid off due to my structured system of growth. The most challenging part of building my business was in the first year. I had to learn the basic skills of managing capital and other resources. It took me some time to get a hold of this aspect.

Most of the new business owners who started out as full-year-round businesses do not have this advantage. Some of them happened to be neck deep in debt before they could realize what was going on. There is no room to make too many mistakes when you are in business. I started on a small scale so my errors were minimal and I kept looking for more facts on how successful businesses are run. People need to understand that it takes a lot to run a business. The best way to go about this is to find out what other successful entrepreneurs are doing and follow suit.

In my 7 years as the owner of a Heroes Restaurant, there are certain things I wish I knew when I started out. However, there is one particular article I came across recently which I wish I had access to back in the days. The way these experts talked about business struck a chord in my heart. Looking back, if I had this knowledge that was shared in the piece I would have soared higher than I have done. Most times, I recommend articles like this for new entrepreneurs because it can save you lots of stress and wrong turns in business.

The way that businesses are run in today’s world can be quite interesting. The key for each entrepreneur is to ensure that they are not in a haste to make things work. One of the virtues that help any business that would last the long haul is to imbibe the quality of patience. In order to build a strong foundation for your business, you must understand that it does not happen overnight. Keep applying the principles you have learnt from those who have gone ahead of you and you would become a success in no time.…


My Encounter With a Top Electrician

I live close to the Heroes Restaurant in Sacramento, California. It has become one of my favorite local California Restaurants due to the choice meals they serve. I was having dinner a couple of weeks back when there was a power outage in the Restaurant. This was unusual because this was the peak of business and I knew something was amiss. The way the challenge was managed by the Supervisor impressed me. He put a call to a local company which I later discovered was Electrician squad. They were quickly on hand to save the day and I must say that their prompt response is quite impressive.


The Electrician checked all the power sources and discovered that one of the fuses that supplied light was blown. He went to his truck and got a replacement to fix the damaged fuse. I was in awe of the professionalism that was in display right before me. It dawned on me that the concern of these Sacramento electrician squad personnel was to remedy the situation. The issue of the fees was not in the works yet the job was perfectly completed in no time. Light surged through the hall and the guests were relieved at the pragmatic approach of everyone involved in handling the power issue.

I have seen the pattern that this Electrical contractor went about his job, but I still felt it was a dream. In my years in Sac, I know how things play out in the Capital City. Most companies would love to haggle about the price before getting the job done. This electrician did the reverse of what was the norm in their industry. I had to ask the Supervisor of Heroes Restaurant if they had a retainer agreement with the Electrician and he replied in the negative. This made me convinced that this Electrical Company was setting a new pace in Northern California.

As I got home, I decided to find out more about this Electrical organization that gave first class service without collecting a dime. I did some online searches and I discovered that it was part of their ethos to surpass their client’s expectations. This incident made me to begin to look at other areas in the Service Industry. I felt people should be able to go beyond the norm to create positive, lasting memories in the heart of those they serve. I went out of my way to visit the Company and express my gratitude for their mode of operation.

My visit to Heroes Restaurant on that day has changed the relationship status I have with this Electrical firm. As of today, they have helped me do some electrical works in my office. I intend to engage them to serve my other business interests for years to come. It is interesting to see how one exceptional service delivery can win many long term clients. Everyone would enjoy great benefits when service Companies emulate the good deeds of the Electrician squad. I know there are more interesting experiences that I would have with this great company in the future. I would be delighted to share them with you.…


Heroes restaurant in Sacromento California

Unseen heroes’ restaurant is located in Sacromento in California. It is located close to Broderick Roadhouse. This restaurant is open all through the week from eleven am to ten pm and on Sundays it is open from also the same time. Private dining is available for large part seating. Valet Parking is available on the location. Patio seating is also available where one can enjoy outdoor deck seating.


The menu has a complete range of food to satisfy everyone’s palate. The lunch range includes flatbreads, appetizers, salads and entree. Soups are there of many varieties such as organic grain soup in cup and bowl variety. For desserts one can go for the Belgian chocolate or the Mocha Mochhiato or the carrot cake with cinnamon and honey. In the lunch section one can order for lump crab, roasted shrimp, duck wing lollipops, lobster and steak.


The wine section is very impressive with over fifty two brands available. Each wine is hand selected by master sommelier. The wine is ordered from all places of the world such as Argentinean Malbecs to South Africa’s Chenin Blancs. There are wines that say to drink them before they make one famous. Then they have the whites which gives six hundred cal per seven fifty ml bottle. Then there is the Chardonnay in different flavours such as citrus, apple and all tropical fruits. Then there is Pinot Grigio which is ripe apple with a touch of almond and light body. The Pinot Blanc is basically peaches and cream with a kiss of oak. There is the Sauvignon Blanc which is pink grapefruit with crisp finish.

The list is unending as I mentioned earlier. Cocktails are infused with fruit and the evenings are infused with delight. The cocktail range is also very impressive such as Pomegranate margarita, Cucumber basil smash. One can join the cock tail group either at sunsets of during the happy hours. The premium spirits used for the cocktails are whiskey, tequila and scotch. There is also a great range of white wine and red wines. There is a terrific range of beers, cognacs, brandy, cordials and liqueurs.


From the intimate chef’s table to semi private space to private dining rooms, one is invited to discover a whole new world at Heroes Restaurant. Each room is done up beautifully for up to seventy four guests that can be accommodated One can enjoy a welcome atmosphere for casual and social gatherings and also for business meetings. It also offers an event coordinator, customised meals, wine pairings recommended by our master sommelier, personal room lightning sound and temperature control and also complementary parking is available.

It also offers gift cards for any occasion like birthdays and weddings with the slogan give the gift of goodness reservations are made for special days like Mother’s day which offers a mother’s day brunch, coffee, tea, juice, cocktails.

The juice can range from cranberry to pineapple to grapefruit to orange and pineapple. It also has a bridal and wedding venue, bride’s maid dinners, rehearsal dinners and with state of the art capabilities.…

Cocktails deck seating juice